What We Do:  We are here for all of your Dog and Cat Pet Grooming Needs.


Why do our clients call us “Norco’s Best Kept Secret” They like knowing that their pets are in the best care.  What we do is Dog and Cat Grooming and simply Grooming only… We do one thing – and one thing only – and we are Simply the Best.


What the means for you?

  • You do not have to wait in long lines to check your pet in and out. It only takes a few minutes of your time.
  • When you bring your pet in you are able to meet the Professional Groomer who will be taking care of your pet.
  •  When you call to make an appointment you actually talk to the Groomer who will be grooming your dog.
  • Your pet will have the same groomer each visit. Your dog really enjoys this because we get to know them so well.
  • Your dog gets individualized attention, care, and pampering
  • Your Dog or Cat enjoys their time with us because we pamper them so well.
  • We have an open floor plan.  Nothing is hidden.  You can see and know where you pet is.
  • We groom by appointments only – just like professional hair salons.  You pet is with us  for a couple of hours and then they get to go home.  This method is a lot less stressful for your dog and for you as well.





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    Norco’s Best Kept Secret


To all of our loyal customers, We thank you for your patronage